Process You Can Trust


To kickoff the planning and design process, the client will sign a Letter of Intent and make a design deposit. This deposit will be credited to the invoice once the client moves into contract with TUI. During this phase, the client is taken through the onboarding process and building sites are fully vetted until an ideal choice is identified.

Project Management

TUI’s Owner and Project Manager sits at the center of the entire process. They are responsible for guiding the client through the entire process, establishing a good rapport and high level of communication with key stakeholders, and meeting important deadlines.


Our design team delivers a conceptual floor plan for the entire park which incorporates your logo, graphics, colors and branding. We work closely with your architect to deliver professional, high-quality 3D interior renderings that will enable you to visualize your venue from concept to installation. Aesthetics, visibility, strategic positioning of activities, physical needs of jumpers at every age - these are some of the main factors that our design team carefully considers when designing a park. These factors work in concert to create a entertainment center that will keep participants and thier families coming back for a fun, healthy and entertaining experience again and again.  

Production – 2-3 weeks

Our product is proudly Made in the USA! Trampolines Unlimited has established a world-wide reputation for using quality raw materials and delivering the highest quality finished product. Our production team works tirelessly to maintain this reputation, and has never missed a production deadline!

Installation – 3-4 weeks

A TUI Installation Specialist is deployed for the entire duration of every installation. He is responsible for installing the park on time, with professionalism, and to TUI’s unmatched quality standards. In order for installation to commence, the client must provide evidence that the site is ready per TUI’s signed Installation Agreement.


Upon project completion, the TUI baton is passed from Production and Installation to Customer Service. The client is introduced to his TUI contact and receives a custom Document Library that includes all the necessary documents that you will need for operation, such as: Trampoline Court Placards, Product Warranty, ASTM & Completion Certificates, Final Inspection Sign-Off, Manuals, Signed Contract, Product Reorder Sheet, and more!

Landing on the head or neck can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death even when landing in the middle of the bed.

Use trampoline only with mature, knowledgeable supervision. 




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